You may be anxiously watching your pie chart on your student portal or discussing progress of these with fellow students.

Pie Charts is an internal marking progress and changes continually in the period of you writing an exam and the official result release date.

The marking process is a six (6) week period from the exam to the result release.  

The pie chart as mentioned is an internal function and NOT the final result release,  In the six week period of assessments, the assessors must work through the batch of students to be marked (some months are larger numbers than others), there is the marking process, then there is a Quality check of the marks. Then finally there is an academic board meeting prior to result release to pick up and discuss any irregularities. This means the pie chart wheel can change multiple times.

The official result release dates is the final mark - you can consult the website for the academic timetable to see the official result release date per exam month.