We understand that exams can be stressful and with online exams there may be new issues you have not had to deal with before. We have put together some information to try and prepare you for any potential issues with suggestions on how to resolve these. 

It is important to set up your Technical Specifications as per the instructions provided. This could allow you to avoid any potential issues on exam day.


But, as we know, there could also be unexpected gremlins on exam day. Take a look at the table provided below of the potential issues you could find on exam day. This will allow you to recognise an issue quickly if it does happen so that you are not surprised. The solutions provided can assist you with resolving the issue so that you can continue with your exam. 

If you have tried the solution and are struggling for longer the 5 minutes, please contact the ICB. You must use the LIVE CHAT function on Macc to contact the exam support agents. We have an exam team standing by on exam day to assist you with any queries. Click here to see how to contact the team on exam day. 

The most important thing is not to panic! We are here to help and will assist you as quickly as possible. You can assist us though by being as specific and detailed as possible about the issue you are having and also sending a screen shot of the issue. This will be a huge help in our ability to help you resolve the issue.

Power failure  / Load shedding / Internet interruption

  • Students must try and access their exam during the exam time frame.
  • The ICB support desk must be contacted ASAP so that the case can be documented during the exam session and  help offered.
  • Extra time may be granted at the discretion of the Invigilator, depending on circumstances and timeframes.
  • If students are unable to log in or are compromised due to power issues, the may submit an application for Postponement but must demonstrate that a solid attempt was made to write the exam and that the ICB was advised as soon as was possible.
  • Only power issues that are outside of the students control will be reviewed by the Academic Board as per the Exam and Irregularities policies.
  • Please refer to the Assessment Policy - Section 13 for more details
  • Please ensure you refer to this article with regards to requesting a postponement

A list of potential issues on exam day (Please also see additional instructions added below):


Further Helpful videos:  

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