The ICB considers a mitigating circumstance to be a recognisably unexpected serious or major event beyond the student's control which has a significant and materially adverse effect on their performance in an ICB assessment.

For example, a student is unable to write an exam due to illness on the day of their exam.

If a student would like to apply for such concession, the following process needs to be followed:

1. Read and understand the ICB's Policy regarding Mitigating Postponements (Link to full Assessment Policy - (See Section 13 for Mitigating Postponements) 

2. Complete this online application form on the ICB's website.

You will receive an email with confirmation of receipt of the application.

NB: From 1 AUGUST 2021, the ICB will not accept any Mitigating Postponement Requests via email.  The online form will be compulsory as it helps to gather all the information that the ICB needs in order to process an application.

For easy reference, here is a summary of Mitigating Circumstances  from the ICB Assessment Policy: