Academic support for students is contingent on having both timeous and accurate data relating to students' academic activities. The MACCI platform allows Providers to ascertain the dates of activity as well as the completion rate of assessments for students.

Registered contacts on the MACCI platform can be enrolled against exams. Please see this article on how to register your staff onto Macci and the relevant student portfolio via the provider portal: Provider Access to MACCI

This enrolment will allow the provider contact to access a variety of student information as it pertains to the particular module / subject. Once registered against an exam, the provider will be able to see:

  • A list of the students booked for a particular exam
  • The last date of activity of students on MACCI
  • The completion rate per student of activities / assessments on MACCI

Accessing Student Activity Reports

To access student activity reports, users need to go to Administration tab on the Provider Portal. From the drop-down menu, the Enrolled Users needs to be selected.

Last Activity Report

Once the Enrolled Users has been selected, the list of enrolled students for a particular exam will appear. This list will detail who the students are as well as the date that the student last accessed the module / subject online. 

Activity Completion Report

It is possible to see the activities that have completed by each student. This is accessed via the Activity Completion report on the Administration tab.

In clicking on individual students from the list on the Activity Completion report, a full list of all activities for each student will appear. Those activities marked with an orange tick have been completed.

The activity completion reports are downloadable as an Excel document. This is in order to facilitate in-house reporting and data-analytics for Providers.

Just for information...  a student is given a checklist on their PoE to track their own progress.  Here is a link for how this is done:   How do I know that my 2022/3 portfolio is complete? 

You are also able to see student progress on the respective checklists.

Students will see either a Online exam or Paper portfolio completion checklist on their portfolios, and this is where they will check their % of completion. As a provider, you have access to both checklists on the portfolio.


It is advised to use the Completion Report to see which activities are still outstanding for your students. Using the checklists you are able to view their % of completion - the same way students would on their portfolios. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must use the correct checklist when reviewing your students progress for a specific exam type. If they are writing an Online exam, use the Online exam checklist and for a Paper exam, use the Paper exam checklist. If you use the incorrect checklist, the information will not be accurate.

Click on the applicable checklist and then on View progress tab:

Then click on "Show progress bars" 

This view will show you what percentage completion the students checklists are on.

The Activity Completion report mentioned earlier will show you exactly which activities are still outstanding.

Have a look at this helpful video: