Distinctions form part of a system called “grading”. A grading system is used by teachers/markers to assess a students’ education performance. Each grade contains a range of percentages, for example 60% to 69%.  The mark achieved by a student is anywhere within this grade.  

Grading system demotivates the students who perform higher because they stand equal to those making less efforts. For instance, grade A will be assigned to all those scoring from 90 to 100. So students who made no mistakes and those who made a few, all will stand equally at one grade. 

However, ICB uses a percentage grade system, which awards marks for each correct section/answer and then the marks are calculated as a percentage of the total available marks. This provides the student an accurate mark for their assignment/tests/exams based on the total marks available. ICB therefore does not indicate distinctions.

We publicly acknowledge our top Achievers who achieve a mark greater than 90%.