If you are a classroom based learner:

If you entered your ICB exam via a face-to-face college, the process is that we release your results directly to your college on the results release day.  Please contact your college directly to receive your results.

If you are a distance learner:
  1. Log on to the ICB Learner Portal and go to the Reports section. From the day of results release, you will be able to download your detailed results for your exam. If you have any trouble accessing the portal, let us know by emailing the ICB Support Centre.  OR
  2. Wait for an email from us with your results attached. These emails will start running from the Friday that your results are released, but may only reach you on Monday or Tuesday.

***NB: Any results shown on the Student Portal prior to the official release are not correct or final.  Please wait until the official release date***

For security and quality purposes, we do not release ANY results via telephone.