ICB acts as a QAP (Quality Assurance Partner) to QCTO, and work along with authority bodies such as SAQA and FASSET to name a few.

ICB's qualifications like all other qualifications registered on the NQF - National Qualifications Framework have a start date, and end date and a teach out phase. These work in cycles every 5 years, and historically QCTO and various bodies have always renewed the cycles just with updated curriculum.

The qualifications and credits achieved in each cycle have a lifelong validity and can never be revoked (taken away).

We are currently at the end of the current cycle, so what does this mean?  We are able to register NEW students up until the 30 June 2024 and any students already registered in the system have the three (3) year teach out phase to complete the current curriculum.  ICB will operate as per normal for this duration.

As we are operate under QCTO, we are unable to accredit new providers or re-accredit providers in this current phase.

We are anxiously awaiting feedback from the various bodies in terms of a possible renewal of the qualifications for the new cycle.  ICB is in daily communication with all bodies and we fully sensitive towards the business, provider, learner challenges, but the final decision rests with the authoritative bodies. 

Once we receive official communication from these mentioned, we will advise providers immediately of a way forward, whether it be a renewal or an alternative option.