So, you have decided that you want to pursue an ICB qualification, but not sure when you able to begin your studies.

ICB being the Examination Body, we offer exams monthly commencing February to December of each year.  We offer a choice of online and paper exams.  You would need to consult our academic timetable found on the website www, for available dates and whether its an online or paper exam.  Between you and your college you decide when you ready to register and book for an exam. 

In terms, of tuition, that is a question you must direct to the college of your choice in terms of their fee's and tuition study periods (semester's).  You can find an ICB accredited college here These articles may be of interest,

Reminder, that ICB is the Examination Body, so we do not provide tuition, tuition support nor provide any form of study material.  Not sure what an Examination Body does, here is an article to help,