|t to see the difference between a College (the tuition provider) and the role that ICB plays as the Examination Body.

The College plays the role of the tuition and tuition support and in some cases supplies the study material.  The actual qualification is completed with the external Examination Body.  So that is one benefit of studying a programme or qualification that is managed externally and not a college in-house course.

So if you are in the process of studying ICB or you have completed a programme and qualified and/or qualified in the past, all your qualifications and credits earned will never be revoked (meaning they have a lifetime validity).

ICB acts as a Quality Assurance Partner to QCTO, the certificates are issued by FASSET and all academic credits are recorded on SAQA and the NQF (National Qualifications Framework)

Any colleges at risk of being de-registered with DHET have no bearing on ICB and ICB qualifications.