The ICB only exercises a disqualification if there is compelling evidence that a student did not follow instructions and/or comply with ICB's regulations.

If a student would like to appeal such a decision, the following process needs to be followed:

1. Read and understand the ICB's Policy regarding Disqualifications (Link to full Assessment Policy - (See Section 11) 

2. Complete this online appeal form on the ICB's website.


Please Note: 

An appeal of an irregularity finding will only be considered on the following grounds:  

  • If there is evidence of substantive irregularity in the conduct of an examination, or  
  • If there were circumstances of which the Examination Board was not aware when its decision was taken.  
  • For a Plagiarism irregularity for RTAP, students must submit their scoring from any plagiarism self check tool.  The generally accepted Academic Standard for plagiarism in Research Papers is 20-25%.  

The appeal must be submitted to the Academic Board within 48hrs of receiving the irregularity outcome. 

  • Upon submitting an appeal, a fee may be payable. 
  • Students should note that the decision on the appeal is final.