ICB as the Examination Body, has started a new initiative to host webinars for ICB learners, providers and general public. 

These webinars are not offering tuition or tuition support but rather as a value add of excellent content pertaining to the Financial Sector.  These webinars will range from informative sessions on a variety of topics, both finance specific but also soft practical skills required in the business world and self development.

After each webinar a digital certificate of attendance will be made available to download that will also reflect a CPD point.  CPD points are used for those who belong to Professional Bodies and need to accumulate these points to retain their memberships.  

The webinars will be advertised in our mailers, social media and all details (for topics and bookings)  are found on the website www.icb.org.za.  For the most part these webinars will require a nominal booking fee and bookings are essential. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis and will require you register and pay for the webinar to secure your place.  You will need to have Zoom downloaded on the device you will be using to watch the webinar.

Seats will be limited to each webinar due to space on the platforms used, so we suggest you register and pay for your choice of webinar as soon as possible after it is marketed.

Select webinars may be made available for a reduced fee at a later stage.

These webinars have been introduced as a value add to our audience and certainly not compulsory to attend nor do they act or replace any form of curriculum or actual tuition.