Online question formats are specifically designed for an online platform. Below are some tips on question formats that may be included the assignments, tests and exams on Macci.

Please familiarise yourself with the below tips before starting any of the above mentioned activities in your portfolio:

  • Answer templates using tables

    Please note that backspacing in any area of the table answer template will remove some or all of the table. 


  • The treatment of currency symbols, percentages

All “R” rand symbols or “%” percentage symbols will be provided for you – do not add these symbols into your answer inputs.


  • The treatment of rands/cents and/or decimal separators   

All amounts or figures are to make use of a point stop (full stop) when indicating the rands and cents separation or in the case of decimals.

Generally speaking, a comma indicates a thousand separator. For uniformity, no commas are to be used at all (even when indicating 1000’s). As a general rule you are to make use of a ‘point’ as the preferred rands/cents separator.


  • The treatment of negative numbers and the use of brackets

In accounting the use of brackets is twofold; to indicate a negative amount as well as illustrating when an amount is to be subtracted (For example. In ITRT where there is a running total).

Where an amount is to be subtracted from an amount above (as with Tax), the brackets will be provided for you.

  • The treatment of mathematical equations - to the power of:

When your answer requires the input of a “to the powers of”, a circumflex can be used as shown below.

The circumflex can be found on your keyboard on the number 6 key – in order to make use of this you will need to hold down ‘Shift’ and click on the ‘6



  • Treatment of Fractions:

When your answer requires you to make use of fractions these can be input in a number of ways.

1)     By simply making use of a forward slash             1 / 2

2)     By making use of Superscript and subscript         / 2

3)     By making use of the equation editor (found in text editor)  

NOTE: it is not possible to make use of format 2 and 3 when a question is set up as a closed question type. In this scenario you would need to make use of format 1. Free form questions allow the text editor function to be available and in these instances the student has more freedom in answer format.


  • Using the Text Editor menu:

For all free form questions, a text editor menu will be available as shown below. To expand the menu, click the top left button (highlighted) and the second line of menu items will appear.


Super and subscript:  select the text/number that needs to be superscripted or subscripted. Select the appropriate option and your selected text will change.  Note: when using this option to indicate fractions, always use superscript to indicate the numerator (top number) and subscript to indicate the denominator (bottom number).

Listsselect either of these two menu options when wanting to make use of a bulleted list or numbered list.

Paragraph formatting: this allows you to right, left or centre align your paragraph as well as right, left indent your paragraph.

Symbolsa number of symbols can be accessed via this menu option. To name a few, square root, degrees, identical to, greater or equal to, less than or equal to etc.