We so pleased you are wanting to pursue study options and looking at ICB!

You probably have many questions and not sure who ICB is, how we operate, and how to get stated so lets do this in sections of the most frequently asked questions.

Step 1.  To understand how ICB operates as an an Examination Body

Step 2. What Qualifications does ICB offer?

Step 3: Next important question is how much does it cost

Step 4. Where can you study? Find a College

Step 5. How can I register?

Step 6: Where do I buy textbooks and  study material?

Step 7: Additional resources for New Students 

1, Understand how ICB operates an an Examination Body

As Examination body we  do not provide tuition nor study material, so we encourage you to watch this short little video to explain it best. Please watch this very short video  and CLICK on the link: 

2. What qualifications does ICB offer? 

The next question that gets asked is what qualifications do we offer, how long do they take and what are the entry requirements, please read this link with our prospectus. Please CLICK on the link for the Prospectus



3. Next important question is how much does it cost?

Reminder as an Examination Body our fee's are just for the Annual Registration fee and the examination fee that includes the digital Portfolio of Evidence (PoE), and does not include tuition, tuition support nor study material, below is the link with our fee's:  CLICK on the link below for the fee's 

2024 Fees

4. Where can you study? Find a College

Now, you ask where can I find an accredited college to study through, then just pop over to our website https://www.icb.org.za/where-to-study/ , it will give you a list of over 400 accredited colleges and their contact details for you to choose from. The list includes face to face colleges and correspondence colleges. You select your criteria in terms of type of study (face to face or Distance), geographical distance etc.  

5, How can I register?

Need to know how to register as a student? please see the helpful step by step guide and a little video to get you started.  Remember, if you choose to study at a face to face college, they will register you with ICB, if you choose to study via Correspondence then you need to register yourself on the student portal. The best partr of ICB is you can register and book exams at any stage in a calendar year.  CLICK on the link to help you with the process to register. 


6. Where do I buy textbooks and study material?

If you decided to study through a face to face college you will get your study material through the college. Distance and self study learners will source their own textbooks and study material through Edge Education. You can contact them on info@edgeeducation.com

7. Additional resources to help new students

To help students and potential students even further there is a list frequently asked questions on the Knowledge Base section of our website www.icb.org.za AND a very helpful Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/InstituteofCertifiedBookkeepers/videos

Looking forward to having you onboard and part of the ICB family.