If you are unable to participate in your upcoming exam, we suggest that you cancel this using the process as explained below. 

Why should I cancel my exam?

1. It lets us know that you wont be attending the exam, and we remove you from the exam register.

2. You will then be able to do your rebooking on the student portal.

3. You will be marked as CANCELLED instead of ABSENT on your results record.

4. It will free up your seat at a venue so that another student can use it. (This is just a very kind thing to do!) 

How do I cancel my exam?

If you are a Distance/Self-Study student and want to cancel your exam booking, please do so by clicking on the below link and completing the form. You will receive a ticket number as proof of your cancellation request.


Please note that you will then forfeit your exam booking and that this cancellation does not count as a postponement. Once cancelled, you will be able to proceed to rebook for a new exam date at the full fee on the student portal.

Classroom Students take note - Please contact your Provider to cancel on your behalf.