The ICB has a full exam support team on standby for online exams. 

It is highly recommended that colleges and students have thoroughly read and understood the requirements for online exams. in order to prepare before exam day.

The ICB Knowledge Base and Youtube channel contains the relevant information to prepare for online exams.


You may have network issues when attempting to pass the system checks on exam day. Make sure your network has been set up according to the recommended specifications:

You may also have issues that you might need to trouble shoot. Familiarise yourself with some of the issues you may come across in order to recognise these on exam day:


College staff and students are able to communicate with ICB agents for the duration of the exam and should get in touch with the ICB team if they are struggling for more than a few minutes.

The ICB support team must be contacted via the CHAT function on Macci. 

The CHAT function is found at the bottom right of the Macci site. 

_Updated 07092021