The due date for the PoE will vary for each student depending on the subject exam date, however, generally, the entire PoE (including the ID verification, system checks, assignments, tests, admin sections) must be completed 48 hours before the exam.

Students will not have access to the summative section of the PoE/ exam if they have not completed the PoE by the due date of 48 hours before the exam. This means that should the digital PoE not be submitted by the due date, the student will be disqualified from the exam and they would need to re-book the exam at their own cost for a future date. Access to the PoE will also be suspended.

Students are encouraged to complete their PoEs ahead of the due date as this will give them ample time to query any assessment, technical and admin issues ahead of the exam and to revise their work in preparation for the exam.