Having access to student results in order to monitor performance is integral in being able to detect the need for and implement student academic support. MACCI now allows providers - both face-to-face and distance - to access the results for formative assessments. This will enable providers to ascertain where a student's skills or knowledge may be lacking.

Available Reports

Providers will be able to access student results for the following formative assessments:

  • Learning Phase 1:     Assignment 1 and Test 1
  • Learning Phase 2:     Assignment 2 and Test 2

Assignment three is manual marked and the results will be made available once the PoE is complete; this includes the exam be it paper-based or online.

Accessing Results Reports

Results reports are accessed through the Administration tab on the Provider portal. The user then needs to select Reports.

Types of Results Reports

There are a range of reports available to Providers. These reports include:

  • The number of students who have completed a particular assessment activity
  • Auto-marked Activities (these are the formative assessments from Learning Phases 1 & 2)
  • Individual marking memo's for each student

The report on the number of students who have attempted an activity will be represented as the number of students who have made an attempt out of the total enrolled learners for the activity. This is important in gauging the completion rate for students.

The results for the auto-marked activities report lists all the students enrolled for an activity and the result achieved for the activity. This allows for a comparison between student results as well as an overview of the performance of a particular cohort in relation to the activity.

It is possible to ascertain the performance of each student in relation to the questions related to an activity. It is important to note that the formative assessment questions are randomised and so the questions for each student in an assessment will differ. This information allows for academic support in the way of individual feedback during plenary sessions where revision takes place.