Students must have completed their full Portfolios by the PoE due date. Please take note of the following articles on how to monitor student completion on Macci:

1. Provider access to Macci

2. Monitoring student progress on Macci

This article refers to reviewing of formative results on Macci. Full final result after final exams are released to the provider portal as per the timetable.

Having access to student formative results in order to monitor performance is integral in being able to detect the need for and implement student academic support. Macci allows providers - both face-to-face and distance - to access the results for formative assessments. This will enable providers to ascertain where a student's skills or knowledge may be lacking.

Providers will be able to access student results on Macci for the following auto-marked formative assessments:

  • Learning Phase 1:     Assignment 1 and Test 1
  • Learning Phase 2:     Assignment 2 and Test 2

The students Assignment 3 submission can be viewed on Macci. Assignment 3 is manual marked and the results will be made available once the PoE is complete and submitted for marking. Assignment 3 results are released at the same time as the final exam results (see the ICB timetable for relevant dates). 

An overview of formative grades

To see the formative grades for all students registered for a specific subject, log onto Macci and select the relevant subject.

Click on "Grades" in the navigation panel to see an overview of student formative grades


In this view, you will see a list of students and their grades per formative activity.

Reviewing individual attempts for auto-marked activities

You are able to review the students full attempt for auto-marked activities (Assignment1, Test1, Assignment 2, Test 2).

It is important to note that the formative assessment questions are randomised and so the questions for each student in an attempt will differ. This information allows for academic support in the way of individual feedback during plenary sessions where revision takes place.

In the "grades" report you can access an individual students attempt or see a list of all student attempts. 

Review individual student attempt: 

Click on the "search icon" next to the individual students grade for the specific activity you want to review. 

This will take you directly to the students full attempt for this activity

Review list of all students attempts: 

To view a list of all student attempts for a specific activity, click on the activity name in the "grades" report.

This will give you a list of all the students who attempted this activity. 

Information included in this view:

 - Date of completion

 - Duration of attempt

 - Grade for attempt

 - Overview of marking per question

Because the questions are randomised, you will need to click on "review attempt" for an individual student to review their set of questions.

Reviewing submission for Assignment 3

Students are required to upload a completed and scanned PDF copy of their Assignment 3 before the PoE due date. Students are able to amend this submission as many times as needed as long as this is done before the PoE due date.

NOTE: If a student removes or amends their previous submission, they must remember to click save to ensure that the new submission is sent for marking. 

To review Assignment 3 submissions and submission status, click on Assignment 3 in the "grades" report.

On the Assignment 3 activity, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "view submissions"

In this view you can see / do the following:

 - Check whether a student has submitted an assignment - if the status shows "no submission" the student has not yet submitted Assignment 3 and must do so on their portfolio before the portfolio due date

 - Download the assignment for review

 - See the grade for the assignment (if marked) and when this was graded