The primary reason for a Provider to Access MACCI is for academic purposes. This access allows a Provider to monitor student information and activities as these relate to the completion of any of the modules / subjects. Thus, this is an important tool in academic management and the potential implementation of supportive measures for students. Staff have access to relevant portfolios by registering on the provider portal. 

Learner Exams Report

A learner exams report has been made available which allows you to generate student exam information for a specific exam month by choosing the specific dates required. This report will provide you with the details of students writing in a specific period, including details on their exam and ID verification statuses. 

This report can be found under the Reports tab_Learner Exams.

Select the relevant exam month dates and click "view report"

Registering Staff on Macci

In order to track student performance, contacts need to be registered on MACCI against specific exams. The process is begun by selecting the Staff MACCI Registration tab. 

It is important to note that students are required to be registered for an exam before a staff member can be registered against the same exam for monitoring purposes. If no students are registered against an exam, the staff will not see any data relating to students.

Select the Module / Subject and the Exam Date

Once the Staff MACCI Registration tab has been clicked, select the specific module / subject for which monitoring / access is required. The list of modules / subjects will appear in a drop-down menu.

Following the selection of the module / subject, a further menu will require the Provider to select from the specific exam dates for which monitoring / access is required. It is in selecting the date that the list of student portfolios will then be made available on Macci.

Select the Contact(s)

With the exam date selected, choose from the list of registered contacts who will / may need to access student information in relation to a particular module / subject on Macci. A list of registered contacts will appear on the screen. By clicking on the specific contact(s) and selecting Add, a list is created. In order to add a contact, he / she needs to have a green tick next to their details.

In order to complete the registration process, a panel will appear with the selecting contacts for review. If all of the correct contacts have been added, then clicking on Register will assign these contacts to the correct subject portfolio on Macci to monitor students.

When the above has been completed, the selected contacts will see the relevant subject portfolios when they log onto Macci. Please see this article on how to monitor your student portfolios on Macci: Monitoring Student Activities on MACCI