It is important that a Provider manages the access of contacts on the Provider Portal. Contacts can be added or subtracted by a Provider as per needs such as staff changes.

Adding a New Contact

On the Management Tab, there are three options:

  • Provider Particulars
  • User Management
  • Contact Management

In order to add a new user, click on the Contact Management option.

Once this has been selected, a new pane will appear: Manage Contacts.

By clicking on Add Contact, the main user is able to capture the details of a new user. The details required are:

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Designation 
  • Email Address (this must be an email address unique to the new user)
  • Cell Phone Number

It is important to ensure that the Is Active box is ticked. If this box is not ticked, the user cannot be granted access to the specific exam and student information. 

Once all the details are complete and the Is Active box has been ticked, the registration process is completed by clicking on Create Contact.