Students who are eligible (prior studies and / or work experience) may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This affords a student an opportunity to be granted exemptions from certain modules. As part of the RPL application process, it is necessary for candidates to complete a Portfolio of Evidence (PoE). This PoE is available on the Student Portal once the student has registered with the ICB.

The Learning Phases

The PoE is divided into three learning phases. Each learning phases contains at least one activity / assessment that the student needs to complete.

Learning Phases 1 & 2

In learning phases one and two, there are two assignments and two tests. There is one assignment and one test in Learning Phase One and another assignment and test in Learning Phase Two.

Please read the instructions in each activity on how to complete these.

Learning Phase 3

Learning Phase Three differs from the first two learning phases in that there is one assignment and no test. Further to this, the assignment is completed offline.

Please read the instructions provided in the PoE on how to complete Assignment 

RPL Evaluation

The final stage of the RPL Application from the student's perspective is the completion of the RPL Evaluation. Pay careful attention to the following:

  • The evaluation is completed online
  • The evaluation is completed under test conditions 
  • There is a time-limit of one hour in which to complete the evaluation
  • There is only one attempt at the evaluation
  • The results from the evaluation count towards the overall mark awarded to the student in the RPL Application

There are practice questions contained within the PoE that will assist students in completing the evaluation.