Providers book exams for their registered students on the Provider Portal which is accessed via the ICB's homepage:

Starting the Process

The process of booking students for an exam is instigated by clicking on the Exam Registration tab on the left-hand-side fo the screen.

Choose the Module / Subject

From the drop-down menu, it is necessary to select the module / subject. This is done by simply clicking on the relevant module / subject name from the list.

Choose the Date

Once the module / subject has been chosen, a list of exam dates will appear. It is necessary to consult the exam timetable to ensure that the correct exam type (paper-based or online) is being booked as per the student's preference.

Select the Students to Register

A full list of students for a particular module / subject will appear on the screen. It is important to go through this list carefully as not all students can be registered for an exam. Those students with a green tick next to their names can be registered whereas those with a red cross cannot. The red cross indicates that a student's details are incorrect in that the student does not have a unique email address registered with the ICB.

Where a student has a red cross next to his / her name, the student's details need to be updated with a unique email address on the ICB system.

There are two methods of selecting students to be registered for an exam. The first is to simply click on the student's name and then click on the ADD button in the bottom right-hand-corner of the box. Alternatively, type in the student's reference number  - this is the ICB Student Number issued to each student - in the space provided and click on ADD.

Finalising the Registration

The last step in the exam registration process is to review all the selected names as they appear in SELECTED CANDIDATES box. Once this has been done, ensure that the DIGITAL PoE box is ticked. This process is automatic as all PoE's are digital but it is a good idea to check.

Once the candidates' list has been reviewed, the process is finalised by clicking on the REGISTER button in the bottom right-hand-corner of the screen.