It may happen that a student or provider wishes to query a specific question and answer from an assignment or test completed online where there is a potential technical error. In such cases, the following must be adhered to;

  • The query must be related to an alleged error and not a request for clarity or support as it is the responsibility of the training provider to provide guidance and support to learners NOT the ICB.

Furthermore, where a student is subscribed to one of our training providers distance or campus), 

the student must first seek guidance from their training provider;

  • Only after the training provider has reviewed the student query and also believes that the learner has been marked incorrectly will the query be escalated to the ICB
  • The training provider must be submitted by the training provider and not the learner
  • Queries received directly from students will not be responded to 

In order to expedite the process, the following information is required when submitting the query:

  • Student Name (full)
  • ID Number
  • ICB Student Number
  • Module / Subject Name
  • Are you querying a Test/Assignment
  • Assignment/Test Number
  • Date for which the exam is booked for the module/subject
  • The wording of the question(s) to be queried
  • Screenshot
  • Why do you believe your answer was marked incorrectly or that the question is phrased incorrectly?
  • Did the training provider investigate the learner's query and what was the college's finding?

Questions for assignments and tests are taken from question banks of over 300 questions per module/subject. These questions are then randomised by a computer system when a student attempts an assignment or test. Thus, supplying the question number does not assist in ascertaining which question is to be queried. 

Please submit queries with all of the above information using the "Contact Us" tab on the ICB's webpage: or via email to


  • Please be reminded that your PoE MUST still be completed in full AND submitted by the due date despite any outstanding query. 
  • Learners who have not completed their PoEs by the PoE due date will not be allowed to sit for an exam.