Dear Valued Provider,

In an attempt to streamline our internal processes, we would like to offer a few tips that you can assist us with to ensure your account is always as accurate and up-to-date as possible

  1. Always use your ICB reference number when making payment

    Your ICB reference number is a six-digit number starting with 30xxxx. Should you be unsure, please contact us and one of our finance team members will happy to assist.

  2. Please make use of the provider portal to retrieve your invoices

    All your tax invoices can be easily accessed via the provider portal. Should you experience any issues in this regard please contact our IT helpdesk who will happily assist in ensuring you have the required access. Also see attached a step by step guide on how to retrieve your invoice from the portal.

  3. Ensure to inform us should your accounts contact change

    We always want to ensure that your statements and any other important correspondence reaches you so please remember to inform us of any changes of your accounts contact person (name; email address; tel number etc)

  4. Please direct all email correspondence to our support helpdesk:
    We never want to miss important correspondence or requests from you and we can only guarantee that an email request will be attended to if you contact us via our support helpdesk -

  5. Please refrain from sending e-mail requests or correspondence to staff personal email addresses.
    When you contact us via our support helpdesk using you have the assurance that your email will be treated with priority and management has access to this correspondence therefore any queries that may arise will also be dealt with speedily.

Please refer the  two images attached as a guideline of how to retrieve your invoices from the provider portal.

Please let us know if we can assist in any way.

We thank you in advance and look forward to fruitful year ahead. 

Kind regards
Finance team ICB