All qualifications - regardless of the institution and qualification - have a final date of enrolment and a final date of achievement for students. This means that beyond a certain date, no new students can be enrolled on a  particular qualification and up to a certain date, all students enrolled on a qualification have to achieve it.

As an example, the ICB's Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting and Diploma: Financial Accounting both have a final date of enrolment of 30 July 2021. After this date, no new students may be accepted to study either of these qualifications. Any student who is registered on either (or both) of these qualifications has until 30 July 2025 to achieve the qualifications. If a student does not achieve either of the qualifications by that point (30 July 2025) the studies and qualifications are forfeited.

It is important to remember that once a qualification is achieved, it cannot be revoked (taken away).