If you have read the article HOW TO ENTER FOR AN EXAM, you will have noted the following:

  • Distance students, you will do your exam registration and payment on the Student Portal
  • Classroom students,  your college will do your exam registration for you.

The below article details how Distance students book exams on the Student Portal. A link to the student portal can be found on the ICB website www.icb.org.za at the top right of the page.

Book an Exam

The successfully registered student can now book an exam. This is done by clicking on Enter Assessment on the left-hand side of the screen. 

The next step is to choose / select the subject for which the student wishes to book an exam. This is done from the drop-down menu. After selecting the subject, the student then needs to choose an exam venue from the drop-down menu. Once the venue has been selected, the student must click on the Search for Available Assessment Dates button. This will display a range of dates for which the exam is available. The student then needs to select the preferred exam date.

To complete the process, click on Add to Basket next to the preferred exam date and venue.

Review Basket and Checkout

Students will be asked to review the contents of their basket. If an exam has been selected in error, it is possible to remove it by clicking on the X next to the item. If the exam selected is correct, click on Checkout

NB: Once an exam is booked, no changes or cancellations will be accepted!

Submit Assessment Booking

Students will be asked to give a final review of their basket. It is necessary to click on the Next Step button in order to progress through the final checks. In addition to a final review of what is in the basket, students will need to check that the billing address is correct, select the method of payment (credit card, debit card or EFT) and confirm the order. Once everything has been confirmed, students need to click on Submit in order to proceed to the payment.

Making a Payment

Payments are made through the PayFast system. The payment is affected using the means that the student has chosen:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • EFT

Once the payment has been processed will activate the exam and the student will have access to the PoE.



  1. This could mean that the venue has been closed for the next exam session and that no exams will be available for booking at that venue. Remember to check the ICB Website for available ICB Exam Venues.


  2. This could mean that no exam dates have been opened for this particular subject. Remember to check the subject roll out schedule for your subject and also to check the ICB Exam Timetable to ensure that there are dates coming up for your subject.



ICB Exam Venue have capacity limits. This means that once the venue has reached the capacity limit that no further exams can be booked or postponed to that venue.

Please ensure that you get your bookings in as early as possible to ensure that you reserve a seat for yourself.