The ICB and ICBA databases are synced with regards to updating of student / member information. 

If an ICB student is also an ICBA member, any information that is updated on the ICB database is automatically updated on the ICBA database and vice versa.

There is one issue with enrollment:

When an existing ICB Student becomes an ICBA member, creating a profile on the ICBA database has no issues.

When an ICBA member is not an ICB student but then wants to register as a student on the Student Portal, an error message will occur. 

This is an issue that occurs a handful of times a year and does not warrant additional development.

When a student receives this error message when trying to register as a new ICB student, check whether they are an ICBA member. If they are, log a ticket to Tech Support and the sync block will be logged with Ocellics.

The issue is usually resolved within 24 hours, unless there are any additional issues.