As soon as you are ready to start with tuition or have your study materials, you will need to pay your Annual Student Registration and register for your exams so that you can receive your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE).   The ICB PoE is an important part of the learning journey, so make sure you get it ASAP.  You will not be properly prepared for your exam if you do not use the PoE correctly.  


  • Distance students, you will do your exam registration and payment on the Student Portal
  • Classroom students,  your college will do your exam registration for you.


For digital PoE's, you will be given immediate access to MACCI. This is the platform on which you will complete your PoE. 


Complete the course material with your Training Center, follow the instructions in your PoE, and then write the final exam.


Receive your results about 6 weeks after the exam date.


Can I just show up at a final exam and write the exam?

To be allowed to write a final exam for a subject, you must have entered the exam for that subject, paid for it.  The ICB will confirm your registration via email on entry, and you must have done all the coursework for the subject too (this includes a portfolio of evidence provided by the ICB).