Marks for the online exam will be allocated in the same way as marks are allocated in the paper-based exam.


Online tests that were done before the exam are graded automatically, and the results are loaded into the grade book (which is the databank on Moodle that holds the results).


For the online exam, Assessors proceed through the exam, marking questions sequentially as they do for the paper-based assessment; 

  • those questions that are MCQ are automatically graded. But will be reviewed by the Assessor.
  • for the other question types, the only difference being that instead of the assessors transcribing the mark on the exam paper, they will now type the mark for each question into the Grade Block provided. The grade block is used at an individual question level. 


The mark for each question is automatically compiled into the Gradebook where marks are totalled, and a final grade calculated. The Gradebook will contain the marks for each activity that you have completed. 


The Assessor will then also grade the Assignments that have been uploaded.  These will be manually graded, and the Assessor will also load these marks into the Gradebook.


Once the entire PoE is Assessed, the Assessor will review to ensure congruency between the tests, assignments and the final online exam. Only then are marks finalised. Results are then processed and submitted for moderation.