We understand that there is a real desire for students to get papers back after marking, but this is not the practice of most external examination bodies.

Our Academic Team has reviewed this request previously, and found that in most cases, when this issue is raised, it is because of these 3 reasons:

a. the student did not do well, and/or 

b. did not get proper support from a college and/or 

c. did not use the PoE system correctly. 

We are actually one of the few institutions that have a PoE system, and the whole point of that is to facilitate continuous learning. The PoE system allows a learner 5 opportunities prior to the final exam to evaluate their knowledge. If this is done together with a college, who reviews these assignments and tests with the student, gaps in knowledge are identified early, and addressed. 

With the new on-line tests this year, test results are given immediately. Students should not progress to the next section of work, until there is adequate knowledge.

Furthermore, when final results are issued, these are extremely detailed, to give a student a good breakdown.  Here again, this is substantially more than most other external examination bodies, who only give one final mark.

The logistics and costs involved in returning scripts would be enormous and if the PoE system is used correctly, a student will not receive any significant additional value in reviewing their marked scripts, that they could not get from the information already supplied.

NB:  To uphold the reputation of ICB graduates, past and future, we want to ensure that our students are not just able to repeat information in an exam or be good at writing exams, but also gain a proper understanding of content and the ability to put that knowledge into practise.  

Any student that takes “shortcuts” and enters the workplace without the actual competency to do the job, is risking the reputation of ALL ICB students.

If you feel that there has been an error in the marking, please see this article on how to apply for a re-mark.