Exam DateType of ExamEntries ClosePostponements ClosePoE Submission DateResults Release
Apr 2022Online

20 May 2022
May 2022Paper
22 April 20224 May 202224 June 2022
June 2022Online29 April 202220 May 20221 June 202222 July 2022
July 2022Online27 May 202217 June 202229 June 202219 August 2022
August 2022**Paper**24 June 202215 July 202227 July 202216 September 2022
September 2022Online29 July 202219 August 202231 August 202221 October 2022
October 2022Online26 August 202216 September 202228 September 202218 November 2022
November 2022Paper30 September 202221 October 20222 November 20226 January 2023
December 2022Online28 October 202218 November 202230 November 202220 January 2021
February 2023Online30 December 202220 January 20231 February 202324 March 2023
March 2023**Paper**27 January 202317 February 20231 March 202321 April 2023

        Online exams available to both Face to Face and Distance Students

        Paper Exams available to bother Face to face and Distance Students

        **Paper Exams ONLY available to Face to Face Students

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RE-WRITES:  These have been discontinued from 1 April 2020

RE-MARKS: 1 month after your results are released. Please refer to the fees list for costing 

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