For students completing the National Diploma: Financial Accounting, there is a research component - Research Theory and Practice (RTAP). This research is submitted in the form of a mini-dissertation.

As with the PoE's on other modules, students will be required to go through the initial stages of becoming acquainted with the PoE. This includes all the checks and acknowledgements.

The RTAP dissertation is uploaded to the PoE in the same manner that Assignment Three is uploaded on other PoE's. Please refer to the article: with specific reference to the section onUploading Assignment Three.

The dissertation itself needs to comply with the stated requirements regarding presentation and referencing. Please refer to the PoE to see a copy of these requirements.

Unfortunately, the topics change from time to time, and are only communicated with your PoE.

The dissertation document is uploaded as a single .PDF document. Students are able to make alterations to the original submission up until the date and time of final submission.