If you have been assessed as ‘Not yet competent’ in a subject, you will have a chance to write ONE re-write per Full PoE submitted. 

This is only a summative (final) exam with a pass mark of 60% – no Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) is required.

The fee is: R490

Here's how to apply for re-write:
Enter an exam on the ICB Student Portal. If you are eligible for a re-write this option will be available to you. Remember to complete the payment too!

If you would rather enter for a full PoE (the final exam pass mark is only 50%), then complete a ticket on our contact us page on our website and we will get back to you.

Click here for the next cut off dates.

***From April 2020, the Rewrite format is different**

To ensure competence across all outcomes and to ensure pass marks for all students, rewrites will be a full PoE Assessment and an exam. (at the full PoE fees)

The last opportunity to sit just an exam as a re-write, will be Feb 2020 for Distance and March 2020 for college students.