Attached to this article is a guide to troubleshooting.  Please have a look and see if it can help you.

Important to remember:

  • Do not try and access the portal on your mobile phone.  It works best on a Desktop
  • The portal only currently works with SA ID numbers.  Foreign students must contact the ICB offices for assistance
  • Even if you are a past or current ICB student, and you have not yet used the Student Portal, you MUST register on the portal first to create a login profile.


  • Go to the Learner Portal (link from and click the REGISTER button.
  • Fill in the form and submit it.
  • An error message will come up, saying you are already registered. This just means that you are already known to the ICB as a student.
  • Stay on that same screen and hit the RESET PASSWORD button, and follow the instructions.
  • You’ll be sent a password, which completes your Learner Portal registration process. Use this password to log in to the portal.

There is a video instruction on how to problem-solve login issues. It can be viewed at:

If you still need further assistance, the attached guide may also assist.