There are two types of certificates available for re-print:

  • ICB programme certificates: These are issued within 3-4 weeks of us receiving your payment.

  • FASSET qualification certificates: These are issued by the SETA. We can request these for you, but please note that they will take 6 months+ to arrive.  Fasset will only reprint a certificate if it is lost and not for any other reason like name changes etc. This is because the name on your certificate is stored on the SAQA database and cannot be changed. Whatever name was registered with SAQA initially, will appear on the certificate and this cannot be changed at the moment.

COST:  A certificate Re-Print is R260

To order your certificate reprints, please send us proof of payment (use your ICB reference number as payment reference) as well as the details of which certificate(s) you’d like reprinted.