FASSET Qualification certificate:

As soon as you have been declared competent in all the modules that make up a qualification (e.g. National Certificate: Bookkeeping), the ICB will send your final results to Fasset, who will authorise ICB to print the certificate on their behalf. Upon approval, the certificate will be printed and sent to your provider, or to you via registered mail. Please allow for up to 8 weeks for this process to be concluded before requesting your certificate from ICB.

New certificates and re-issue of FASSET/ICB learnership certificates will remain the full responsibility of Fasset. All learnership re-issue requests received by ICB will be forwarded to Fasset who will process the request and issue the certificate. This process can take between 3 - 6 months. 

Follow-up with regards to learnership certificates are to be done directly with Fasset. 

For a learnership re-issue to be processed, the following documents need to be provided to Fasset and can be sent to Berlinda.melamane@fasset.org.za;

  • Learner certified ID copy
  • Affidavit requesting a reissue with reasons thereof

A re-issue of a Fasset qualification certificate can only be requested for the following reasons and any request must be sent to the ICB with a copy of the learner’s ID and an affidavit requesting a reissue and stating the reasons for reissue;

  • On the loss of certificate;
  • On damage on the certificate;
  • When learner changes or making an additional name/surname;
  • When there’s an error on the certificate;
  • When learner changes the Passport number (where a learner is a non-South Africa).

Any requests for a reissue other than the above will not be considered.

ICB Programme Certificate:

While waiting for your qualification certificate,  the ICB will issue you with:

  • An ICB programme certificate
  • A full transcript of your results.

These ICB Certificates have a waiting period of 6-8 weeks after the results are released.  These will be sent to your local post office, which is closest to the physical address that we have for you at the time of dispatch. Should your Fasset certificate be ready by the time your ICB certificate is ready, both certificates will be mailed together.

Once your certificate has been dispatched, you will receive a notification, with your Tracking Number,
You will need to follow up with your Local Post Office to collect your Certificate at the Post Office.

ICB Digital Certificates:
You are welcome to download the digital copies of your ICB certificates on the Student Portal, under the "My Reports" tab on the left of your screen.

NB:  Please check on the Student portal that we have your correct physical address and contact numbers.

Unfortunately you will no longer receive a certificate for each subject you complete – but the ICB will issue you with a results letter for each subject exam. This letter is solid proof of your competency in that subject and you can show this to employers.