Since April 2015, qualification certificates have been issued by the SETAs themselves (no longer by organisations like the ICB).

The process for getting your qualification certificate is this:

As soon as you have been declared competent in all the modules that make up a qualification (e.g. National Certificate: Bookkeeping), the ICB will send your final results to Fasset, who will generate your qualification certificate. This takes 3-6 months. When we receive your certificate back from Fasset, we will send it to your provider, or to you via registered mail.

But because 3-6 months is a long time to wait, in the meantime the ICB will issue you with:

  • An ICB programme certificate
  • A full transcript of your results.

While you are working towards your qualification, you will no longer receive a certificate for each subject you complete – but the ICB will issue you with a results letter for each subject exam. This letter is solid proof of your competency in that subject and you can show this to employers.

The ICB Certificates have a waiting period of 6-8 weeks after the results are released.  These will be sent to your local post office, which is closest to the physical address that we have for you at the time of dispatch.

Once your certificate has been dispatched, you will receive an SMS to your cellphone, with your Tracking Number,
You will need to follow up with your Local Post Office to collect your Certificate at the Post Office.
You are welcome to download the digital copies of your ICB certificates on the Student Portal, under the "My Reports" tab on the left of your screen.

NB:  Please check on the Student portal that we have your correct physical address and contact numbers.