Yes, you have one month after your results are released within which to apply for a re-mark at a fee of R1050

But, before you jump in, here is some background......

The ICB marks over 40,000 Portfolios of Evidence and final exams every year. We have very strict procedures and quality control processes in place that ensure each paper is marked fairly, on its own merit. Papers are benchmarked against the class, and then against all learners around the country who wrote the same exam.

Your results do include a breakdown of your PoE marks and scores per question in your final exam.

If you are still not happy with your results, you have a month after they are released to apply for a re-mark. If you request this, we will retrieve your PoE from storage and an Assessor and a Moderator will review its entire contents and will write up a detailed Re-mark Report for you.

Reviewing exams is very time-consuming and this re-mark process is the only way to query your results, or raise a query about the content of an exam paper.

If you would like to go ahead with a re-mark:

1. Read and understand Section 6 of our Exam Policy which explains the re-mark process in detail.

2. Complete the Application for Re-mark form (attached)

3. Pay the Exam Re-mark and Examiners’ Report fee within one month of your results being release.

4. Submit this form and Proof of Payment via our support page on our website:  contact us

An assessor and a moderator will review your entire Portfolio of Evidence and compile a detailed Re-mark Report for you. This will take about 28 days.