The ICB does not offer learnerships directly.  These are only offered by employers.

Our role is only to assess learners who are on learnerships. We’re like the traffic cop who tests you for your driving licence, and your employer or training provider is like the driving school that teaches you to drive.

The ICB does have many employers who are accredited as ICB Workplace Training Providers, and are running learnerships, but we cannot make a list of these employers publicly available.

If you are looking for a learnerships, you will need to keep an eye out for advertisements in the media, or approach companies directly.  You will need to be employed directly with a Workplace Training Provider. The ICB does not offer learnerships directly to learners. Employers initiate and fund learnerships and then recruit their own candidates.

Attached are the ICB’s guidelines to learnerships, which will help explain how they work more clearly.