The ICB arranges examination venues throughout Southern Africa for correspondence and self study students. 

If you live and work more than 200km from an official ICB examination centre, you can submit a Private Invigilator Application to the ICB with the prescribed fee, which will be considered on an individual basis. If a new centre opens after you’ve submitted your application, we reserve the right to allocate you to it. 

Here are some of the main T&C's, as well as the application form.


1. The granting of private invigilation is entirely at the ICB discretion and is in no way guaranteed or implied. The ICB will consider ALL the information in an application and make a decision based on the facts presented in relation to the ICB’s quality assurance requirements. 

2. The ICB’s decision on this matter will be final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding this decision and the reasons therefor. 

3. This application must be received by closing date of the exam, but preferably BEFORE that and together with the Assessment Entry Form. Application for Private Invigilation Page 2 of 2 1006.2015.v1 

4. Application for a private invigilation will only be considered where the closest ICB Assessment Centre is more than 200km from the learner’s place of residence or work. This is a prerequisite for application and will be only one of the factors taken into consideration. This requirement is not an automatic guarantee of approval. 

5. If your application for private invigilation is declined, the ICB will refund your Private Invigilation fee, however you will automatically be allocated to an assessment venue closest to you. The remainder of your fees are not refundable. 

6. The learner must arrange for someone in authority to act as an invigilator. This person MUST be a holder of office (minister of religion, attorney, police, etc.) AND be accountable to a professional council. The Invigilator must be in no way connected or related to the learner. 

7. The learner will be responsible for all expenses incurred by the Invigilator. 8. It remains the learner’s responsibility (and expense) to ensure that the Invigilator has sent back their assessment and/or PoE’s and that these are received by the ICB by the due date.