Exam dates, registration cut offs, etc are on the attached timetable and will depend if you are a classroom or a distance student.

There are NO ICB test dates.  These are written during your course and when you are finished with a particular section of work.  If you are with a college, they will give you these dates. 

Exam sessions are usually 9am - 12:30.  However, this may change.  Please refer to your exam confirmation letter for final details.

Please note:  Due to the impact of COVID19, the release of some exam results might be later than the dates indicated on the timetable.


Most Colleges conduct formal exams for classroom students every month, but first check with yours when they’re doing the exams for the subjects you’re interested in.  Click here to find a ICB approved Center near you


Exams for distance learning and independent students take place at the ICB-approved examination centres around southern Africa in February, May, August and November.   Visit this link to find out where these venue are:   https://www.icb.org.za/exam-timetables-and-venues/

Exam closing dates, results release dates etc are also on the attached document.