Currently ICB portfolios are available in either paper or digital versions (for limited subjects). 

Paper portfolios:

If you have registered for a paper portfolio, we’ll send it to you within 3-4 weeks of receiving your exam entry. If you are doing classroom-based study, we’ll send your PoE directly to your College. 

Distance learning students will receive their PoE via courier (please make sure you have provided a physical address on the Student Portal, where we can send your PoE to so it can be signed for during office hours). 

You should also try to enter for your exams as early as possible, so that you have enough time to receive your PoE and work through it as part of your learning process. 

Digital portfolios:

For now, digital portfolios are available for limited subjects:

Once payment has been processed for your digital portfolio registrations, you will have immediate access to this via the MACCI platform.

There are some great benefits to doing your portfolio online, which will assist you with getting through your learning process more effectively.

You can also access the platform from the website at the MACCI Login tab:

NOTE: From April 2020, all ICB portfolios will be digital only.