ICB is the Examination Body.  As such we have to be un-biased and completely independant at all times.

This means that ICB cannot get involved with tuition, tuition support nor the issue/advice or distribution of study material.

There is a list of Accredited training providers (colleges) who offer the tuition, tuition support and in some cases the study material/textbooks.  A list of accredited colleges can be found using this link https://www.icb.org.za/where-to-study/

To buy study material or any questions regarding study material, you would have to contact Edge Education on info@edgeeducation.com

ICB cannot assist in terms of what study material is purchased, this support you obtain from your college. 

With that being said, ICB can also NOT assist with training video's, USB's, Pastel Codes, Voucher codes,  Past Papers, Assignments, Tests or Textbooks.