This fee covers costs the ICB incurs on administration and student support services that don’t relate specifically to exams.

Regardless of what time of year you start your studies, you’ll need to pay the annual registration fee for that academic year (which runs from Jan-Dec) – and you will need to pay this fee every year, as long as you are studying an ICB subject. 

The ICB also does not have an annual registration closing date which allows you to register throughout the year.

Currently the fee is R380 (Including VAT).

If you enter for an exam in the following academic year, the registration fee for that following year is also payable, at the time of the exam entry.

You will automatically be charged this fee when you enter for the first exam in an academic year.

How to Pay your annual Student Fee:

Login into the Student Portal via

Go the ORDER PRODUCTS menu, and choose the annual registration fee.  Complete the Check out and proceed with payment.

Once you have finished with the checkout, you can review and print off your invoice in the reports menu.