Independent Study (Self Study) is possible but we DO NOT recommend this route. 


The ICB is an external examining body only and offers no student support or graduation.

Our courses are offered through accredited colleges and we recommend studying through them for a better chance of success.


There are 3 ways of doing this:

1. Full Time Classroom Learning: Mostly for school leavers and those not yet in full time employment

2. Part Time Classroom Learning: Usually classes are in the evenings or Saturdays to accommodate working students.

3. Distance learning/On-line: This is the most affordable way to study while still learning at your own pace. Some colleges give "live" on-line training.


We know that whilst self study seems to be the “cheapest” route, it is often not the most successful. We have many students choosing this route, and then get stuck very quickly, or end up repeating the subject and spending more in the long run.

Self study takes a high amount of discipline and is risky. All course information, materials, tuition, tutoring and textbooks will need to be self sourced and we find that most of our students need the guidance of a tutor in some form or another. In addition, self-study students often rely on "second-hand" textbooks, and then get into trouble with changes in the syllabus.

Before you decide, please watch this short video first to give you an idea of what to expect when you go the self-study route;

The ICB has many amazing providers that have been offering ICB for many years, and offer various levels of support at various price brackets.  Some colleges have amazing packages available, that are only marginally more than the cost of self study, with affordable monthly payments, and definitely worth paying the a little bit extra for.


As a whole, the ICB strongly discourages self study, as we can see that the support that a college can give, definitely makes a difference to the overall success of most students. 


Having said that, we do respect each student’s right to choose a method that suites them and their own affordability. We encourage you to thoroughly research all available options, to make the best choice for your own personal needs. 


If you do want to consider a college or registered tutor type support, it is very easy to do. Just use the “find a provider form” on our website, select your area and you can get colleges to contact you with options / quotes in your price range. This is a free service and will help you to find the best solution very quickly.


When you are ready to proceed, please go along to our website and create your student number by creating a student profile on the Student Portal.  You will only need to pay registration when you enter for your first exam.