An examination body, educational board, or certification authority, is responsible for conducting exams and assessments to evaluate the knowledge and skills of candidates.

Below the reasons why an Examination Body does not offer tuition, tuition support nor any form of study material.

Neutrality and Fairness: Examination bodies aim to maintain a level playing field for all candidates. Providing study materials could potentially give some candidates an advantage over others, leading to unfairness in the examination process.

Examination Bodies strive to maintain independence and objectivity.

The primary role of the Examination Body is to design and conduct exams that accurately assess the knowledge and skills of candidates.  Developing study materials can divert their attention and resources from its core function.

Edge Education is a completely different entity.  Edge Education is the recommended supplier of the study material.

To request study material or if you encounter issues with the quality, distribution or online platform issues, you need to raise this with them directly. or