The July exam session was been suspended due to Level 4 lock down restrictions. Please refer to the following article for the latest updated information; COVID-19: LATEST NEWS 

Arrangements are being made to allow July students to re-book their exams. Certain options will be available including a special paper exam sitting for July students ONLY at selected venues in the 3rd week of September.  

In summary, the following will happen:


Face to Face students will be able to re-book for any date on the current exam timetable that is hosted by their college. This will be done by your college in consultation with you.

Distance students will have an option to:

  1. Re-book for a NEW special exam series that is being added to the timetable for the 3rd week of September. This special extra exam sitting will only be at a limited number of venues in main cities and will be confirmed soon.
    20 September to accommodate the date of 5 July
    21 September to accommodate the date of 6 July
    22 September to accommodate the date of 7July
    23 September to accommodate the date of 8 July
  2. Re-book for either the October or December online exam or
  3. Re-book the November paper exam.

Please note that the specific details will be sent to affected students and will follow later this week and we urge students not to contact us, before we have sent out the details. We are in the process of confirming the dates and venues which is dependant on their availability as well as whether they can accommodate the number of students in adherence with the COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

The re-booking of the cancelled July 2021 exams will be at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Please note that affected Students and Provider that have been mailed directly.