An updated Exam Pre-Check section has been added to the portfolios for AUGUST ONLINE EXAM STUDENTS ONLY.

Students will receive an email on when the exam pre-checks are available.

They WILL NOT have access to their exam unless the whole FORMATIVE and ONLINE EXAM PRE-CHECKS sections have been completed.

See the attached PDF for the information that has been given to students. This information has been updated to show what the June exam students will see in this section.

1. Pre-exam instructions

Information on what they need to check and prepare before the exam. Includes Exam policies.

The only change to this section is an additional point that has been added with a link to the Exam Troubleshooting document for students.

2. Technical systems check

Click on the image to see what students will see. They HAVE to set up the PC's correctly to pass the technical check.

This section has been changed to ask the student to attach a screenshot of their Technical System Check once they have run this on their PC. This is different from April where we only asked the students to do the check - now we are asking them to attach the check once completed.

They will upload the screen shot in jpeg or png format.

***A further update has been made to this section to include the following:***

3. What do to on exam day

Instructions and a video have been included showing the new process on how to access an exam on exam day.

Students will NOT access the exam by clicking on the exam link but will enter an ONLINE EXAM ROOM that will take them through a few security checks.