If the is a Power failure, Load Shedding or an Internet Interruption

  • Students must try and access their exam during the exam time frame.  Even if that means starting the exam late.
  • If they are in the exam session, they must log back in as soon as they can.  Work done is autosaved during the exam, so the student will not need to start from the beginning.
  • The ICB support desk must be contacted immediately so that the case can be documented during the exam session and so that help can be offered.
  • Extra time may be granted at the discretion of the Invigilator, depending on circumstances and timeframes.
  • If students are unable to log in or are compromised due to power issues, they may submit an application for Postponement after the exam session, BUT must demonstrate that a solid attempt was made to write the exam and that the ICB was advised as soon as was possible.
  • Only power issues that are outside of the students control will be reviewed by the Academic Board as per the Exam and Irregularities policies.
  • Please refer to the online exam section in the Assessment Policy for more details: Click here for the ICB Assessment Policy