Completing the Learning Phases

The digital PoE for the 2022/23 academic year has 4 sections. These sections are sequential; this means that the sections need to be completed in the order that they appear in the PoE and that one section needs to be completed before a student can move onto the next. The sections are as follows;

SECTION A: Orientation & Course Admin (includes Welcome and Introduction, ID verification, Practice Questions ande Answer Formats, Academic Policies)

SECTION B: Formatives (includes Test 1, Test 2, Assignment 1, Assignment 2, Assignment 3)

SECTION C: Exam Preparation - (includes Online/Paper Exam Pre-checks, Online Exam Preparation Quiz for online exam students)

SECTION D: Summative/Final Exam - is only available to students writing online exams and not students writing paper exams (includes Online Exam Room Access, Post-exam Feedback)

Downloading Assignment 3

There is one question paper and one answer book for Assignment 3. The question paper and answer book can be accessed by clicking on the blue links on the PoE page for Assignment 3. Both the question paper and the answer book need to be downloaded from the PoE and printed. Assignment 3 must be completed in the printed answer book.

Completing Assignment 3

Each module / subject has a unique Assignment 3. The assignment must be completed in the printed answer book. The assignment must be completed using black pen; pencil and blue pen do not scan well and so your work may not be visible to the marker if anything but a black pen is used.

Unlike Assignments 1 & 2, Assignment 3 is manually marked. This means that the work is presented to an assessor who will mark the assignment as opposed to it being marked by a computer. Thus, it is important to write legibly. If the handwriting is untidy or contains grammatical errors, it may not be possible to assign a mark if the writing or meaning is obscured.

Uploading Assignment 3

Once the assignment has been completed, it is necessary to:

  1. Scan the completed assignment
  2. Save the scanned document as a .PDF
  3. Rename the .PDF document

The assignment must be scanned and saved as a single .PDF document. Students will not be able to submit multiple documents as the assignment upload.

The only format of the scanned document that will be accepted is a .PDF

The saved .PDF document needs to be renamed. The naming convention is:

  • Assignment_3_Subject_Reference Number

The Subject is the specific name of the subject or module for which Assignment 3 has been completed; for example: BKTB (Bookkeeping to Trial Balance).

The Reference Number is the Student Number that the ICB has assigned to the student. Do not use an ID Number.

Once the assignment has been scanned, saved and renamed, it can be uploaded to the PoE. Students will see a page confirming the upload of the assignment. At the top of the page, students are required to:

  • Tick the box confirming that this is the student's work and that the student has not plagiarised.

At the bottom of the page, students will need to click on the "Save Changes" button.

Once the "Save Changes" button has been clicked, students will see a confirmation of the submission of the assignment for marking. This is the Submission Status page and will detail:

  • The submission status
  • The grading status
  • The due date of the assignment
  • The amount of time remaining until the assignment is due
  • The date that the submission was last modified
  • The name of the file submitted for marking

The Submission Status indicates whether or not a file has been uploaded and submitted for marking.

The Grading Status indicates whether or not the assignment has been marked. Assignment 3 is manual marked and students will receive a result for the assignment once all submissions for a particular module / subject have been marked.

The Due Date is the final date by which an assignment may be submitted. Students may submit an assignment before this date.  For the 2022/23 Academic Year the entire PoE (including the ID verification, technical checks, assignments, tests, admin sections and preparation quiz) must be completed and submitted by the PoE due date that is published on the timetable. 

The Time Remaining indicates the amount of time a student has between the current date and time and the final date for submission.

The Last Date of Modification indicates when the assignment was uploaded and submitted.

NOTE: As of April 2022, the the entire PoE (including the ID verification, system checks, assignments, tests, admin sections) must be completed as per the PoE Completion Date. Click here to refer to the 2022/23 timetable.