College Students

Students who are registered with a college for face-to-face (contact) learning will have their exams postponed by the tuition provider (college).

Distance Learning Students

Distance learning students are now able to postpone their exams on the portal. By clicking on the View My Exams tab on the left-hand-side of the screen, it is possible to see all the exams for which the student has been booked. In the information detailing the exam (module name, date of exam, module code and exam time) there is a Postpone button. By clicking on this, the student is able to postpone his / her exam to the next available date for that exam and exam type.

Please Note

Exam postponements completed on the portal are for voluntary (paid-for) postponements only. Where a student needs to request a postponement for medical reasons, the request needs to be sent using the Contact Us function on the ICB homepage.

Students may not postpone from an online exam to a paper-based exam or vice versa. In postponing an exam, students will be directed to the next available sitting of the exam and exam type.